Why I Counsel

Where I Came From

Being seen, heard and understood is so important to me, it is what my formative years lacked. My parents could only parent me from what they learned in their own upbringing, therefore, my childhood revolved around being obedient, not questioning authority, keeping my thoughts, feelings and opinions to myself, including the expression of any emotions.

Consequently, everything that went on in my mind was stuffed down. I felt so helpless and trapped and thought I would explode since there wasn’t anywhere for me to let off steam. My freedom began when left home at the age of 18 and found alcohol.

“Frances is curious, ethical, compassionate and has a colourful sense of humour. Frances speaks openly about her experience with her addiction and many years of sobriety which uniquely enables her to support and advocate for people with addictions.” – Parminder

Steps in the Right Direction 

Alcohol freed up all my inhibitions, however, after several years, this became problematic so I asked for much-needed help. I was scared, however, I attended counselling and group therapy sessions. I continued to delve further into coming to know myself, my family and my origins.

Over time I began to have a very strong desire to become a counsellor so I could learn more about addictions and how they stem from the family of origin and other contributing factors. I wanted to offer the same gift to others, to you. I have taken numerous workshops over the years to increase my knowledge and understanding of co-dependency, trauma and substance abuse which included taking a 3-year Practitioner Training Program. This continues to shape my life today.

“Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what is happening within.” – Gabor Maté

It’s the Journey, not the Destination, that’s Important 

Although my life isn’t perfect, I’m a much happier woman today. I’m comfortable with myself, I have a better understanding of myself because I’ve learned and developed the skills to manage my life in positive and constructive ways as I continue my journey. I have been where so many of you are and I’m here to tell you that if I can do it there is hope for you to have happy healthy fulfilling relationships, and I can help.



ACCT #2706

Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling, Clearmind Institute

Certificate: Trauma Informed Training Levels 1, 2, and 3 Trish Walsh and Alyson Quinn

Certificate: Reiki First and Second Degree, Westcoast Reiki Centre

Certificate: Hold on to your Kids, 2-day workshop, Gordon Neufeld

2-Day Advanced Workshop: Clinical Applications of Internal Family Systems

ICEEFT 5-Day Externship: Emotionally Focused Therapy Training

Dr. Sue Johnson’s Intensive Course in Emotionally Focused Therapy: Attachment-Based Interventions for Couples in Crisis

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